Merit VCO ( 500 ML Pack )

-5% Merit VCO ( 500 ML Pack )
Merit VCO ( 500 ML Pack )
Size : 500 ml 
Price-each Bottle : Rs. 375
Total amt : Rs. 375
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Benefits of virgin coconut oil for skin.
Many people experience dry skin. Untreated dry skin can cause premature wrinkling and ageing in the long run. A solution to this is applying virgin Virgin coconut oil as alternative to your other body lotions. The usual lotion that you use primarily contains water that easily evaporates, thus, drying your skin. Virgin coconut oil prolongs the moisture on your skin making it smooth and soft the whole day. To add to that, Virgin coconut oil also strengthens by holding your skin tissues together and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The antiseptic composition of Virgin coconut oil kills fungi and yeast that cause athlete’s foot, diaper rash, and candidiasis.
Benefits of virgin coconut oil for hair
Take some in your hand and massage it in the hair. The heat of the hand will melt it. Rub it in thoroughly especially at the base of the hair or on the scalp.You can leave it overnight if you wish. After that you can style as required. Using coconut oil daily will provide gloss to your hair in and you will feel it yourself. Even if you use the liquid form, work it in the same way for good looking healthy strong hair.
Benefits of virgin coconut oil for internal uses
Maintaining a Virgin coconut oil diet is beneficial for your internal body system. Virgin coconut oil diet is done by changing your usual cooking oil with refined Virgin coconut oil and taking three to three and a half tablespoons of virgin Virgin coconut oil as supplement everyday.The medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in Virgin coconut oil greatly contributes in boosting the digestive system that improve the performance of cells and hormonal secretion of glands. Also, Virgin coconut oil contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid, and butyric acid that are helpful in fighting infections, yeast growth, and killing disease-causing bacteria.
Specifications :
Brand - Merit
Type - Virgin Coconut Oil
Capacity - 500 ml
Recommended Age  - 0 Months+
Items included in the Package : 500 ml of Virgin Coconut Oil
Key Features :
Extracted from coconut milk Rich in Lauric acid known for it's strong microbial and anti bacterial properties Cold processed unrefined, chemical free.

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