Merit black seed oil / kalonji oil ( 250 ML Pack )

New -7% Merit black seed oil / kalonji oil ( 250 ML Pack )

Merit black seed oil/kalonji oil ( 250 ML Pack )

Size : 250 ml

Price-each Bottle : Rs. 450

Total amt : Rs. 450

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Benefits of Black seed oil / Kalonji oil for skin.

Replenish your skin’s texture with these black seed oil as they are highly rich in essential fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acids. These are essential as they are not produced by the body. Usage of nigella seeds has been the de rigueur of today’s times and helps in keeping your skin youthful and radiant.
Benefits of Black seed oil / Kalonji oil for hair.
To prevent hair fall before the time, it is suggested that one should massage one’s head with lime juice and leave it for 15-20 minutes followed by washing it with shampoo, preferably herbal one. Dried your hair completely and rub Kalonji oil on the head. This procedure should be continued for five weeks. There is a greater chance of reducing hair loss.
Benefits of Black seed oil / Kalonji oil for internal uses
Black seed oil comes from the black seeds. The biological name of these seeds is "Nigella sativa". This oil is therefore also called nigella sativa oil. There are many other names for the black seed, namely black cumin, Roman coriander, fennel flower. Less common names are nutmeg flower or black caraway. Another common name for this seed is kalonji which comes from India.So, it is regionally referred to as kalonji oil. Nigella sativa is actually a flowering plant. These seeds grow on large follicles over the fruits. Each flower contains many seeds. Nigella sativa is incredibly nutritious. The famous prophecy Black seed is associated with a famous prophecy by Prophet Mohammad. A later references tells us that he once said " There is healing in black seed for all diseases except death ." Modern research is beginning to open the avenues to understanding more about this seed and its medicinal qualities. And whatever we have found until now is quite amazing. Just like the seed, black seed oil can be used to cure many health conditions and provide excellent health benefits.
Specifications :

Brand - Merit
Type - Black Seed Oil
Capacity - 250 ml
Packaging - Bottle
Items included in the Package : 250 ml of Black Seed Oil
Key Features :
  • 100% pure cold pressed oil
  • No addictives
  • Rich source of EFA's (Essential Fatty Acid)

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