Uses of virgin coconut oil on Skin and Hair

Add MeritVCO Virgin Coconut Oil to Your Skin Care Routine

Beauty treatment for the skin and hair.

It’s luscious creaminess and healing properties make it a perfect fit for a natural, do-it-yourself skin care regime. It’s a pure vegetable source, most always free from pesticides and other chemicals. It’s been an ingredient in body and hair care products since acient times…

It is unrefined -- chemicals and high heating are not used. The fresh coconut meat is pressed to make coconut milk, then the oil is separated from the water part of the milk.

What makes it so good for the skin and hair?

Virgin Coconut Oil’s molecules are small enough to be easily absorbed into skin and hair, so it’s perfect for dry, rough skin and chemically assaulted hair. Skin becomes softer and smoother, hair shinier.

It not only softens the skin, but protects it against free-radical damage and promotes healing. Continual use removes dead skin cells and strengthens underlying connective tissues.

When coconut oil is added to the diet, the antiseptic fatty acids help prevent fungal and bacterial infections in the skin. There is evidence that this also happens to a certain extent when you apply it to the skin. Inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis have benefited with the use of this oil.

It’s best to apply a small amount to slightly moist skin (like after your shower). It is quickly absorbed and you won’t have a greasy feel. If you have very dry skin, apply small amounts often. Over a period of time you should definitely see results.